Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wouldn’t you deny this too…………….?

I was speaking to Garry the other day, and she was telling me about her graduation days in the US. She said one of her professors had made a theory, that all Indians or those of Indian origin had a habit of saying a big NO to anything new said to them. He had observed time and again, and had completely failed to understand the connection or rather the affinity of an Indian and denial.

Just then a student got up and did the expected. “It’s not that professor, we just…..”

This might be just a funny anecdote, but come to think of it, aren’t we really adverse to accepting changes in our lives? At least initially, aren’t we relatively more reluctant to accept a newer line of thought or conclusion or hypothesis?

An intelligent person is someone who listens to everything with an unbiased open mind, and then decides about his actions regarding the new hypothesis.

But how many people you tell a bizarre idea to after considering the given proofs, actually confirm weather they subscribe to the same or not?

In my profession, we provide people with an unconventional line of business. Trust me; more than 60 percent can’t make up their stand on the proposal. I am fine with people accepting or rejecting, but when people cant even consider its practicalities in their lives, or think about its implications in their lives, get over the confusion or just plain react, it makes me think, is an average Indian male really that unprepared to handle the practicalities of evolution in business and the world? Is he really so underdeveloped to let go of the conventional security and surety that he had been clutching for so long, that he is scared even to consider a drastic change in his life?

And intelligence, they say, is something they know all about!

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