Monday, May 22, 2006

5 minute poem: Creativity

Trigger the mind to stumble on a colour
A clown’s clumsiness to a crusaders’ valour
Doodling characters set the subconscious free
Upon the sea, we grow a tree

The thugs, the silhouette, the individual galore,
From Venice to Greenland to Tahiti to Bangalore,
Yet all in the mind for the chef to whip up
A masala dosa served with jelly in a cup

Each dish very different, sensational, azure
Sometimes rib-tickling, sometimes bizarre
Appallingly shining orange marmalade
Or some exotic dish from Adelaide

Games of mind, capturing reflections
Creative writing is inscribing perfections
The scrumptious, peristaltic, plethora of gems
The kind, singing corners and hems

Gives wings to our dreams, limbs to the subconscious
Create what we wish, from dreadful to gracious
Open arms to sky, smaller then imagination
I love to feel this feeling of regeneration.

Make failure work, perceptions regenerate
We play God ourselves in whatever we create
When flowers can fornicate, and food can shout
That, my friend, is what creativity all about!!

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