Monday, May 22, 2006

My insult: insult poem

Short fat and balding
Speech-blunt n scalding
Overconfident, impulsive, proud
Think I’m da hero f da crowd

Self as big as Eiffel
Insults pointed as rifle
Critical as ur dad
Love to see u sad

Rebel without a cause
Crusading without a pause
Insensitive, crude, obtuse
Tongue uncontrolled and loose

4pm I get up n sleep at dawn
Wonder why I never can follow the sun
Someday the price I’ll have to pay
Of lack of routine, time n day

I eat what I want, when I want
Pull up my car at a fast food joint
Eat junk n drown with diet coke
Burp, with a finger my belly i poke

Shave I don’t, cut my nails I forget
Believe me it’s not the pleasure I get
Too much f a hassle, too lazy for that
Forget my manners while I yawn n scratch

I think I’m better then the rest
But hesitate to bring my skills to test
My skills I say I don’t have to prove
To heed to a camel, mountains don’t move

Am Stubborn, short-tempered and patience I lack,
Proudly brag of my wit n tact
When I used them last I don’t recall
Rather, I’d say, ignorance is a ball!

Insults are what I’m really good at
Love getting even, saying tit for tat
Even if m the guilty one
In that case I say, it’s all in good fun!

That’s all my faults I swear to thee
Any others I refuse to see
And the few I do see I shamelessly deny
Coz in my poem, I claim, the rest don’t rhyme!!

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