Sunday, May 28, 2006

Continuity of the Act of Hammering!

The other day I was watching Gray’s Anatomy on Star World. The last thing spoken about their inhumanly busy schedules was by a doctor, she said, right before crashing on the bed, and I quote:

“Know why I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so good when I stop.”

Late into that night, midway through my nightly ruminations, I kept thinking, how similar this was to the scenario we all get so trapped into sometimes, where we work and we work, before finally accepting defeat and declaring we can’t do it.
That’s when we start feeling the pain of failure, of incapability, after all the hammering we did, and poured everything into.

And this scenario is so typically and sometimes so often repeated into our lives, that after a while, we accept it and find ourselves totally helpless in handling it.

Since I (conceitedly and stubbornly, without heed to any denial on anyone’s part, but yet, eternally optimistically) believe to from my soul that any problem in the world, big or small, new or ancient, if properly thought of and planned, can be handled and solved, fully, cleanly and without any unexpected and unreasonable consequences, I decided there has to be a way out of this scenario too, and this is what I, (eccentrically and somewhat comically, yet astutely) concluded:

“If you don’t want to feel the pain after hammering,
You have only one choice, to never STOP hammering!”

Or until success is achieved anyway.

Good morning!

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  1. Anonymous01:11

    but if you dont will you know if you ever started....