Friday, May 04, 2007

meaning....i Write

Of all the gracefull maidens that magic made
of all the beautiful imagery that this land has worn
of all the intoxicating glasses of wine flowing
of the added fact that i was born,

of all the curved lanes that life's shown
of all the strange people that i've known
of all the others who've been so nice
of all the people who call earth, their abode

what do i conclude, i think, sometimes
is it simple, it is complex, terninal, benign
is it just about money, fame and luck
or does it relay on joy, space and time?

what happens when i give up, do i die right then
for a minute, till the time i pick up my pen,
isolate, gather, collect, fight
all for meaning, i write....iwrite...

Fashion Quotient, eh?

after a looooooooooong rush through
designer jeans, tees, shirts n boots
that i relalise now, did little else
then stroke my ego and my self,

and as this very dawn dawned i chose
to clear my head, gave away my clothes,
oldest comfy jeans, white linen shirt and shoes
two old tees, one black business suit,

black shoes, leather, and comfy loafers i wear
no need, no desire, no zeal anywhere,
m trendiest to myself now, then i've ever been,
f*** thy fashion, i wear best my skin.