Sunday, May 22, 2011

Personal Hell

Everyone carries their personal hell with them. And each hell is different. Some are bigger, and often spill over more often than others. They are called 'difficult' by their peers. Some like to discuss the aforementioned 'spilling' and the 'spiller' and feel 'righteous'. But isn't that part of their own hell? Some like to stay quite and stay busy till they get so stiff, that nothing can spill over. This illusion and lack of flexibility and humor is their hell. Some like to mask theirs by humor, bravado, emotional and materialistic dependencies. Being popular brings us it's own kind of hell.

The craziest part? We all think everything other than our own hell, is hellish. Because our own is just part of life. While the others should probably do things better.

My hell ain't no bigger, ain't no smaller. No more or less important. And no more or less hurtful than yours. Same for everybody. A little compassion for others' hell would make the world a better place.

Maybe it's just me, but I still feel like kicking people who gossip. Who speak of things behind other people's back. And call it 'bonding', 'venting' or just 'girl-talk' (men do it too).

Gossip, to me, is the motherload of all evil. I'd rather hang out with a 'weirdo' than with a 'righteous'. Gives me a lot less stress. And definitely a better friendship.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Design Decoration

There's always a line when design stops being just decoration and starts becoming a concept.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Or love and hate and everything business.

While being out in the professional world - studying or working - one gradually learns to be a stoic. A consequence of letting your ideas out for everyone to judge. A defense mechanism towards handling criticism and growth better. A shift from purely creative pursuits to gathering professional acumen. Or simply an outcome of a busy life.

But the best ideas still come from the most basic emotions. Love. Excitement. Joy. Humor. Vanity. Pride. Warmth. No one can work stifled from inside.

A good ad professional will never let his human side harden. That is the only fuel for his best ideas.