Friday, May 04, 2007

Fashion Quotient, eh?

after a looooooooooong rush through
designer jeans, tees, shirts n boots
that i relalise now, did little else
then stroke my ego and my self,

and as this very dawn dawned i chose
to clear my head, gave away my clothes,
oldest comfy jeans, white linen shirt and shoes
two old tees, one black business suit,

black shoes, leather, and comfy loafers i wear
no need, no desire, no zeal anywhere,
m trendiest to myself now, then i've ever been,
f*** thy fashion, i wear best my skin.


  1. Lulu :-)19:19

    talent is definately not just "skin" deep... :-P

  2. Rakshita05:16

    So this is where enlightenment began, but yet again how would you define enlightenment? Opps!