Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sick and tired!

I'm sick of coming across blogs which say nothing original. I'm sick of people trying to be oversensitive with them 'ooh's and them 'my poor dear's when they don't actually feel a thing. I'm tired of hearing frozen faces say fake lines. I'm tired of seeing a little knowledge passed around like a badge of honour, yet discussions around them unwelcome. I'm done with the rules that say you act a certain a way or you're a bad person. And above all, I'm f*ucking tired of those who spend hours trying to concentrate on your flaws and the discussing them behind your back.

There's still value in a genuine conversation. Try having an open mind. There's more to life than trying to be in agreement with people around you. Step forward. Everyone around you is flawed in their own way. Expecting something otherwise is plain and foolish. Wake up. Those who like to talk about others will talk behind yours the moment you step away. Figure it out. And not realizing that the rules of the world were made by people, and are as flawed as the people are, is like saying each chocolate cake in the world tastes the same.

Open your hearts. Get out of the habit of hesitating before speaking. Stop trying too hard to be successful, famous, liked or rich. Try to sweat everyday. Literally. Think about doing stuff without payment or reciprocation. Help people on the street. And kick the next person you find gossiping. It's worth it.

It's the rut that so many seem stuck in that one admits to giving in too. If he doesn't, he's almost an outcast. That's how rare genuinely simple and real people are these days. That's how far you are from being one.

If you disagree with any of this, f*ck you.

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