Monday, May 22, 2006


We all have secrets. Some are facts we hide coz we don’t think they are impressive enough. Sometimes we hide something coz we think it might make us look bad. Sometimes we hide things coz they don’t seem to match the image we want to project. And sometimes they are just white lies.

I have secrets, things I wouldn’t really mind sharing with others, but sometimes it seems it will make them seem less close to me then I actually consider them. I have other secrets, regarding a few strategies I use in business, which I don’t share with anyone but my most dexterous associates. Then there are things your don’t really hide but don’t admit as well, kind of glamorising the truth, which is not really bad like lying or hiding anything, but on the borderline perhaps.

Over the years I have realised that the no of secrets a person has, and the time and energy he/she spends maintaining them or keeping them from others is a direct account of the insecurity that person feels. Not that I am judging, but talking about myself, there was a time in my life I used to really worry about my “image” in the world, n go to gr8 lengths to maintain it. These great lengths include letting people believe in what mightn’t be accurate but seemingly impressive, and in some cases, lying. But as time moved on, I got more in touch with myself, this whole plethora of secrets somehow seemed to shrink. Not that I was watching or keeping a track of this change, but now when I see others people doing the same, n I remember my days of indulgence, I cant help but wonder where it all went, and how. What did I do to make it go away.

The more one thinks about making an impression on the world, the more he moves away from his goal to do so. To be a hero, one has no option but to stop trying to be one, and just be himself. He has to be fearless about being the exact opposite, or he will lose. A hero is not who thinks like others, a hero is one who the world appreciates coz he thinks differently.

And that’s what we take so long to realise. The biggest victory is not over the world, but over self.

Nobody is perfect. But if we identify all our strong points and week points, then proactively work towards getting over every shortcoming and increasing our strengths, some day we will come as close to perfection as can be.

And this is very possible and very achievable. Remember, the soul has enormous powers of regeneration. Its like the phoenix, if we recognise it. Else, its just plain crap.

Life is what we make of it, not by regretting, not by self loathing, and not by ignoring criticism, but by imbibing the lessons learnt and told into our lives, being true to ourselves and our work, being clear about our goals and how far we are ready to go for them, and being convinced about our ability of doing the invincible once we set our minds to it!!

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