Monday, August 10, 2009

10 steps to deciding your agency’s creative vision

1. Send your entire team out to a rest-o-bar for dinner – company paid, of course.
2. Ask them to order drinks and snacks to their heart’s content.
3. Let them discuss metaphysical eccentricities, North Korean war, best blooper moments, stand-up comics, world’s juiciest butts – anything under the sun but work.
4. Ask them to order a few more rounds of drinks, then dinner, then drinks again.
5. Order coffee.
6. Order 5 few more rounds of drinks.
7. Call them a cab and fill them in the cab safely.
8. Tell them to reach office at 9am, sharp, before they leave, else they’re fired.
9. Next day, at 9, hand them an 18 page agenda that they were supposed to discuss the previous night. Ask them for conclusions.
10. The answers that come then, apart from the obvious blitzkrieg-hit, hangover-marred crap, will hopefully be some of the most creative strategic ideas ever.

Of course, this is most effective only 1 in 100 times. If they are really smart. And very very lucky ;-)

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