Sunday, February 03, 2013

Life's a bitch - explained.

Life gave us everything.

It gave us mountains and seas.
Rivers and cliffs.
Volcanos and glaciers.
Birds and bees.
Animals and plants.
Winter and summer.
Spring and fall.

Tastes. Smells. Textures.
Curiosity. Vision. Exploration.
Emotions. Relationships. Reactions.
Bonding. Family. Friendships.
Differences. Similarities. Communication.

Beings. Behaviors.
Science and hope.
Reason and instinct.
Vision and imagination.
Magic and invention. 

One can never starve from the views in the world in his lifetime. See all the beauty there is to see. Have smelled all the smells. Heard every imaginable sound. Touched all the textures. Tasted all the tastes. Explored all there is to explore. 

Selflessly, it gave and it gave. Except when it fucked us up. 

For it's own selfishness, it made procreation our purpose of being. Hardwired it in every walk of life. 

And this undeniable, insatiable need for another in our lives sucked the fun out of everything. 

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