Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Open Road

Know why I like travel? Because you meet people with an open mind. Who are willing to connect to people beyond their own kind. Who are curious and excited. Who find regular life boring because it's easy to get used to living in silos and get impressed by pretension. To fall prey to being 'liked'.

Travel liberates you. One, you know you will meet different people. Two, there is no fear in being hated by people you might never meet again.

People who call others weird and the very ones who are so afraid of being weird. I find weird interesting, because there are always interesting stories to find and important insights to be gained. I can talk to them for hours. As for the former, I get bored faster than phosphorous burns in air. Bore me to death with all the hullabaloo about your parties and your clothes and your interesting life. Fascinating !

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