Saturday, July 03, 2010

Things I figured out about advertising

                     Brief != Underpants
                     ‘Copy’ should be ‘Original’.
                     ‘OOH!’ is a kind of media (It means Out-Of-Home)
                     ‘Positioning’ has nothing to do with the Kama Sutra
                     ‘Bleed’ is a completely legitimate design term.
                     ‘Scribbles’ are meant to provide you clarity.
                     A ‘Serif’ is not a ‘Cop’
                     A ‘Gutter’ does not mean ‘Drainage’
                     A ‘Jingle’ has nothing to do with Christmas
                     ‘Pantone’ is not a shampoo brand
                     ‘Mock up’ doesn’t mean ‘Make fun of’
                     ‘Crop’ doesn’t mean ‘Plant’
                     ‘Grab Eyeballs’ doesn’t refer to something violent
                     ‘Add stickiness’ doesn’t mean ‘Pour glue all over’
                     ‘Flash’ your client if he needs something ‘dynamic’
                     You cannot eat all ‘Cookies’
                     ‘Dope Sheet’ is not what you sniff powder out of
                     ‘Aspect Ratio’ is the vital statistics of a screen
                     ‘Viral’ is a solution. Not a problem.
                     ‘Dump’ is something that you ‘Edit’. Not ‘Take’.
                     ‘Pan’ is a camera movement
                     ‘SPOC’ is not a character from Star Trek (It means Single Point of Contact)

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