Thursday, March 03, 2011

Write Right

Writers have often had to go a long way to prove their worth. And charge good money for it. What's great writing unless put in a great layout with cool design? Right?

Wrong. The problem is, the quality of writing is not as visible as good design. As a result, clients often fail to see why they should pay premium for something they don't feel is important. More often than not, they won't see the value in saying something clearer, crisper, sharper, more flavorful and ultimately more effective.

More than saying in words and content, good writing is about controlling the flow of reading. The mood, the imagery, the feeling evoked, the cleverness perceived. The joy in reading when you don't want to stop.

So get clients who will pay you for being able to say something as effectively in 100 words as in 1000. Who will appreciate saying well whatever it is that needs to be said. For saying no without saying so. For implying what can never be said. And for knowing when not to say anything.

To everyone else, say no.

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